Iran Visa

If you wish to travel to Iran you must obtain a valid visa unless you come from a country which is listed on visa exempt countries or countries eligible for a visa on arrival.
Which nationalities can travel to Iran without a visa?
Currently, nationals as Armenia, Azerbaijan,Bolivia,Egypt,Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia,Serbia,Syria,Turkey and Venezuela are eligible to travel and enter Iran.
Travelers entering from a visa-free country solely need a valid passport from their country of origin.Just be informed that the passport must not contain stamp from Israel or exit stamps at Egyptian or Jordanian border crossing into or out of Israel.
Which nationalities can travel to Iran with a visa on arrival?
Nationals of more than 50 countries are allowed to gain a 30-day visa on arrival without a stamp on their passport at any of these airports mentioned below:
Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport and other airports located in cities of Isfahan,Shiraz,Tabriz, Kish, Ahvaz,Qeshm, Kerman, Bandar Abbas, Mashhad and Bushehr.
Nationals of countries that can apply visa on arrival include:
Albania, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Korea, Norway, Oman, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea. Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.
Notwithstanding, there are citizens of some countries who must obtain a visa in advance.
Getting visa for Nationals from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, Somalia, USA, and UK is only possible through embassies and consulates.
What are the requirements for Iran visa on arrival?
1.    A valid passport having at least 6 months of validity
2.    A confirmed return ticket within a 30-day timeframe from arrival time
3.    An Iran visa application form with a photo attached on
4.    An invitation letter or a hotel voucher containing reservation number. The invitation letter has to be sent from a registered travel agency to Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs at least 48 hours before passenger’s arrival.
5.    Visa stamp fee payable to the Iran Visa and Passport Office at the entering airport (from 10 to 150 euros depending on the nationality)
6.    A printed and valid travel insurance for Iran.It is not officially listed but it is mandatory.
7.    An online visa application form with an authorization code sent. It is optional but speeds up your visa process.
What is the E-visa process?
1.    Fill out the application form provided on Sunseir website
2.    Send the scaned documents (passport,6x4 photo)
3.    Pay the service fee.
4.    Wait for the process to get completed. You will be informed as soon as possible.
5.    Refer to the nearest Iranian consulate in your country and collect the visa (if you don’t refer to the consulate you can take your stamp-free visa at the entering airport)

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