There are 2 ways of getting Iran visa :

1-Prior to arrival

2-On arrival

Prior to arriaval

 Online Application for authorization number

In order to apply online and get your authorization number , you must submit your passport information details to us. After receiving your visa form we will apply it online to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for getting your approved visa number . After your visa procession , in case of approval an authorization number will be faxed to the Iranian embassy you nominated to have it picked up at .

Then , we will email you the authorization number in order to pick up your visa . The authorization number means that your visa has been approved  but it is not valid as a visa .

Normal processing time by the MFA is 10-14 days and longer for passports from USA and UK. If there is a need to change the embassy location after the approval is issued then advise us and we can get it reissued at the new location usually within a few days .

Visa process

After you receive your authorization number you can apply in person or by mail at the nominated embassy or consulate.The actual processing time depends on the embassy and can vary from 1-5 days. The visa is valid for 3 months from the date it is issued  so we recommend not to pick it up too early before you plan to travel to Iran .

On arrival

Iran visa on arrival (VOA) or Iran airport visa, refers to that kind of Iran tourist visa received by nationals of all countries (except those listed below) traveling to Iran for tourist purpose. Iran visa on arrival usually has 30 days validity and issued at six airports in Iran. You can not get this visa on the land borders.

At the moment you can get Iran Visa on Arrival in nine airports, and you must know Iran has no offer for land borders visa. You can also apply for your Iran Visa before your trip, go to the airport with the Iran Visa reference number and pick up your visa. This way is safer, and you can be sure you will get your 30 days visa, you can apply for your Iran visa reference number here. Here is the list of nine Airports you can get on arrival visa in Iran in 2017:

IKA: Imam Khomeini Airport

TEH: Tehran Mehrabad Airport

SYZ: Shiraz International Airport

MHD: Mashhad International Airport

TBZ: Tabriz International Airport

ISF: Isfahan International Airport

KIH: Kish International Airport

Iran Visa on Arrival Needed Documents

Getting the Iran Visa on Arrival requires the below documents, Please remember Iran visa on arrival is usually issued for 30 days. It can only be extended if Iranian Foreign Affair Office finds it necessary. In that case, usually maximum 14 days extension is possible. If your itinerary is longer, we recommend choosing the Tourist Visa for tailoring your tour.

Note that in case your Iran visa on arrival is rejected you will be held the responsibility for the return flight and any other costs.

List of needed documents for Iran Visa on Arrival:


  1.  A valid passport with at least six months validity
  2.  A confirmed return ticket
  3.  A photo to be attached to the Iran visa application form
  4.  Visa stamp fee, which is payable to the Iran Visa & Passport Office at the airport. Iran airport visa fee depends on the applicant’s nationality.
  5.  An invitation letter or hotel reservation voucher. The invitation letter has to be sent from the Iranian travel agency to Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs at least 48 hours before your arrival to Iran airport.
?Is it possible to get Iran Visa on Arrival as US, UK, and Canadian Citizens

No, Amercian, Britain, and Canadian can not get Iran Visa on Arrival. If you are one of this three countries passport holders contact us to help you for getting Iran visa .

Iran Visa on Arrival for Indian passport holders

Unfortunately, Indian passport holders can not get Iran Visa on Arrival, Indian can apply for Iran visa here and obtain their visa before the trip. You do not need additional documents, and you can use easily through our eVisa platform for Iran Tourist Visa.

On arrival Iran visa for Pakistani and Afghanistan Citizens

These countries cannot visit Iran by visa on arrival and should get their visa beforehand: Iran Visa on Arrival is not issued for USA, UK, Canada, Colombia, Somalia, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India nationalities.